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video by Carlina Muglia

The decisions I execute when making art speak to the study of contained and compartmentalized forms and how they might resonate with us. My work involves a series of meticulous problem-solving through creation and connection of marks. The beginning of my process is experimental and impulsive, which acts as a catalyst for a more conscious practice of line-work. Each finished piece is a focused meditation on the relationships I orchestrate between each form.


The marks I make and the ways I connect them are often informed by relationships I find in nature. A yellow fungi in a sea of dead leaves. The way light catches a mountain ridge. Eroded rocks cradling rain water. Many of my pieces were completed after solitary walks in the woods, or hikes through Appalachia. 

My practice was born as a means to center, and is how I expand my understanding of myself and my surroundings. My process is a reflection of my personal struggle with a learning disability, and has evolved from a coping mechanism into a professional practice. My art has helped me navigate my own neurodiversity, and I am intrigued with conversations surrounding art as it relates to opening our minds to unconventional ways of thinking.

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