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photos by Aly Hansen

Hope Morgan was born into a family of female artists who instilled in her the importance of art-making at a young age. She earned her BFA from Longwood University in 2016 before returning to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia to pursue teaching and painting. 


Hope is an abstract painter whose practice is driven by the beauty of contained forms, how they exist in the natural world, and how we respond to them. Her pieces tell a story of meditative problem-solving through color, shape, and line. Her non-traditional landscapes are often informed by time spent in the mountains. Additionally, she is interested in conversations surrounding art as it relates to neurodiversity and opening our minds to unconventional ways of thinking.


When she is not creating, she is absorbing inspiration by means of hiking in Shenandoah National Park, rock climbing, enjoying live music and teaching kindergarteners at St. Christopher’s School.

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