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Reviresco Cofee, Richmond, VA


Artist Residency at Azule
Hot Springs, NC

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"Transcending Walls" with Mending Walls
Richmond Hill, Richmond, VA


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"Emergence" with Mending Walls
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA

Mending Walls’ mission is to gather artists from different cultural backgrounds in an effort to create collaborative art which sparks conversation about racism and social justice.

Myself and a group of 9 other artists worked to create a series of pieces to be hung around St. Paul's Episcopal Church. 


My statement for my piece, "Emergence":

"There is spirituality in the desire to grow. This became evident while working among the people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, as they spoke about their hope to make amends for the racist history of the church. The butterfly symbolizes the beauty in wanting to acknowledge the past and move forward from hate...emerging from a place of darkness and embracing a metamorphosis towards love and acceptance. 

Upon exploring the inside of the church, the image of the baptismal bowl inspired me. I thought about how being baptized represents a welcoming into the church. What if all institutions could embrace this same change...this same path to an effort to be a welcoming and safe space for all? This piece is about using grief as fuel for growth, the goodness of change, and creating safety where safety might be lost."

To learn more about Mending Walls, please visit  

"Wouldn't It Be Nice"
Richmond, VA


Exhibition with Claiborne Riley at Palette Home
Richmond, VA


"Windows in the Sky"
Collegiate School, Richmond, VA

This was a special project, as it took place at my alma mater. It was also the first, large-scale collaboration I have done with my sister, Anna Morgan. Anna is a multi-media sculptor and paper-maker. "Windows in the Sky" was also the first ever installation completed for Collegiate School's Alumni Artist Initiative, curated by Pam Sutherland.

Getaway Fellowship
Stanardsville, VA


"Growth & Change"
4 N Robinson Street, Richmond VA


"It All Drains to the James"
Brown's Island, Richmond VA

"Without a clean River 
Richmond wouldn't be the same
So think before you litter
It all drains to the James"

After my design was chosen by the city of Richmond and RVAH2O, I received a grant to produce a mural on a storm drain outside of Brown's Island. The goal was to encourage civilians to consider the impact of the James River and how they can prevent waste from flowing into it.

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